Songtexte und Übersetzungen von Showaddywaddy:

Showaddywaddy - '68 Teenage Queen
Showaddywaddy - A Night at Daddy Gees
Showaddywaddy - Always and Ever
Showaddywaddy - Big, Big Star
Showaddywaddy - Blue Moon
Showaddywaddy - Bony Moronie
Showaddywaddy - C'Mon Everybody
Showaddywaddy - Chain Gang
Showaddywaddy - Cool Cool Cat
Showaddywaddy - Dancin Party
Showaddywaddy - Don't Turn Your Back On Me Baby
Showaddywaddy - Doo Wah Diddy
Showaddywaddy - Footsteps
Showaddywaddy - Footsteps
Showaddywaddy - Glory Woman
Showaddywaddy - Go Johnny Go
Showaddywaddy - Gypsy Rose Lee
Showaddywaddy - Heartbeat
Showaddywaddy - Heavenly
Showaddywaddy - Heavenly
Showaddywaddy - Hey Mr Christmas
Showaddywaddy - Hey Rock and Roll
Showaddywaddy - Hey Rock ’n’ Roll
Showaddywaddy - I Appreciate the Job
Showaddywaddy - I Wanna Take You Home
Showaddywaddy - I Wonder Why
Showaddywaddy - If You Know What I Mean
Showaddywaddy - In Above Your Head
Showaddywaddy - It’s Only Make Believe
Showaddywaddy - I’ll Never Get Over You
Showaddywaddy - Johnny Remember Me
Showaddywaddy - Lookin’ Back
Showaddywaddy - Lost
Showaddywaddy - Mona Lisa
Showaddywaddy - Multiplication
Showaddywaddy - One of These Days
Showaddywaddy - Only Love
Showaddywaddy - Paint Your Picture
Showaddywaddy - Pretty Little Angel Eyes
Showaddywaddy - Pretty Little One
Showaddywaddy - Really Goin' Out of My Mind
Showaddywaddy - Remember Then
Showaddywaddy - Rock ’n’ Roll Lady
Showaddywaddy - Sea Cruise
Showaddywaddy - Showaddywaddy - A Little Bit of Soap
Showaddywaddy - Showaddywaddy - Somethin' Else
Showaddywaddy - Showaddywaddy - You Got What It Takes
Showaddywaddy - Showaddywaddy - You Will Lose Your Love Tomorrow
Showaddywaddy - Sweet Music
Showaddywaddy - Sweet and Innocent You
Showaddywaddy - Take Me in Your Arms
Showaddywaddy - Teen Canteen
Showaddywaddy - Then Came You
Showaddywaddy - Three Steps To Heaven
Showaddywaddy - Three Steps to Heaven
Showaddywaddy - Trocadero
Showaddywaddy - Twist and Shout
Showaddywaddy - Under the Moon of Love
Showaddywaddy - When
Showaddywaddy - Who Put the Bomp (In the Bomp a Bomp a Bomp)
Showaddywaddy - Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Hearts?
Showaddywaddy - Windows
Showaddywaddy - You Always Stand Me Up