Songtexte und Übersetzungen von SNFU:

SNFU - A Better Place
SNFU - A Bomb
SNFU - A Hole in Your Sole
SNFU - A Wreck in Progress
SNFU - All Those Opposed
SNFU - Appraise the Lord
SNFU - Beautiful, Unlike You and I
SNFU - Better Homes and Gardens
SNFU - Big Thumbs
SNFU - Bizarre Novelties
SNFU - Black Cloud
SNFU - Bobbit
SNFU - Bobbitt
SNFU - Broken Toy
SNFU - Bumper Stickers
SNFU - Cannibal Cafe
SNFU - Cheap Transistor Radio
SNFU - Cockatoo Quill
SNFU - Costume Trunk
SNFU - Dean Martian
SNFU - Der Heavy Head Dance
SNFU - Don't Have the Cow
SNFU - Drunk on a Bike
SNFU - Elaine Elaine
SNFU - Electric Chair
SNFU - Elfie Schlegel
SNFU - Eric's Had a Bad Day
SNFU - Fate
SNFU - G.I. Joe Gets Angry With the Human Kind
SNFU - Gaggle of Friends
SNFU - Get Off Your Ass
SNFU - Gladly in Gloom
SNFU - Grunt, Groan, Rant and Rave!
SNFU - Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump
SNFU - He’s Not Getting Older, He’s Getting Bitter
SNFU - I Forget
SNFU - I Know More Than You
SNFU - I Used to Write Songs
SNFU - If I Die, Will You Die?
SNFU - In the First Place
SNFU - I’m Real Scared
SNFU - Joni Mitchell Tapes
SNFU - Joyride
SNFU - Limping Away
SNFU - Loser at Life/Loser at Death
SNFU - Lovely Little Frankenstein
SNFU - Manuel
SNFU - Michelle Pfeiffer’s Diaper
SNFU - Mind Like a Door
SNFU - Misfortune
SNFU - Money Matters
SNFU - Mutated Dog
SNFU - My Mold Collection
SNFU - My Pathetic Past
SNFU - One Last Loveshove
SNFU - Painful Reminder
SNFU - Plastic Surgery Kept Her Beautiful
SNFU - Postman's Pet Peeve
SNFU - Questions, Questions, Questions?
SNFU - Reality Is a Ride on the Bus
SNFU - Rusty Rake
SNFU - Scarecrow
SNFU - Seein’ Life Through the Bottom of a Bottle
SNFU - Seven Minutes Closer to Death
SNFU - She's Not on the Menu
SNFU - She’s Not on the Menu
SNFU - Sick Lee & Coward Leigh
SNFU - Snapping Turtle
SNFU - Spaceghost, the Twins & Blip
SNFU - Stepstranger
SNFU - Straightening Out The Shelves (Of My Mind)
SNFU - Straightening Out the Shelves (Of My Mind)
SNFU - Tears
SNFU - Tears
SNFU - The Birdman of Malmo
SNFU - The Ceiling
SNFU - The Devil's Voice
SNFU - The Electric Chair
SNFU - The Gravedigger
SNFU - The Happy Switch
SNFU - The King of Skin
SNFU - The Kitchen Kreeps
SNFU - The Kwellada Kid
SNFU - The Quest For Fun
SNFU - The Watering Hole
SNFU - Thee Maul That Heats Peephole
SNFU - This Is a Goodbye
SNFU - This Is the End
SNFU - Time to Buy a Futon
SNFU - Tin Fish
SNFU - Tour Tantrum
SNFU - Trudging
SNFU - Visiting The Bad Again
SNFU - Visiting the Bad Again
SNFU - Welcome to My Humble Life of Disarray
SNFU - What Good Hollywood?
SNFU - Where’s My Legs?
SNFU - X-Creep
SNFU - You Make Me Thick