Songtexte und Übersetzungen von Sator:

Sator - 1. Your Up Gets Me Down
Sator - 11.Love Bells
Sator - 23 B.C.
Sator - 4.Tonight's The Night
Sator - 5.Wanted: Hope And Pride Before I Die
Sator - 8.The Get Out
Sator - 9.You've Got Blood On Your Hands
Sator - A Safetybelt for Susie
Sator - Ain’t Seen Nothing
Sator - Angelina and Sister Ray
Sator - Anxiety, Coke and Chocolate Bars
Sator - Ask The Shadows
Sator - At the End of Time
Sator - Baby Doc Holiday
Sator - Black 'n' White
Sator - Black Dog Mood
Sator - Bound to Be Good
Sator - Buy Now Pay Forever
Sator - Can’t Shake It
Sator - Dance To The Rocket From The Crypt
Sator - Dillinger's Brain
Sator - Do the Dance
Sator - Dog
Sator - Drive Through the Night
Sator - Escape From Pigvalley Beach
Sator - Everybody's Making Plans
Sator - Freezer
Sator - Friction
Sator - Fuck You
Sator - Gamma Gamma Hey!
Sator - God Save Technology
Sator - Goodbye Joey
Sator - Government Official
Sator - Gruesome Sunday Morning
Sator - Heyday
Sator - Hitch‐hike to Caudine Forks
Sator - How Late Is Too Late?
Sator - I Don’t Want to Talk About the Weather Anymore
Sator - I Guess I'm Ok
Sator - I Wanna Go Home
Sator - I'll Wait
Sator - I'm Gone
Sator - Idiot's Delight
Sator - Intro: Slug It Out
Sator - It Really Doesn’t Matter Now
Sator - It’s So Cold Without a Gun
Sator - I’d Rather Drink Than Talk
Sator - Jetslide
Sator - Lose Control
Sator - Love MF
Sator - M.A.C.H.I.N.E.
Sator - My Worst Friend
Sator - National Guard
Sator - Next to Nothing
Sator - No Place to Land
Sator - No Reason
Sator - No Solution
Sator - No Time, Tomorrow
Sator - No!
Sator - Oh Mama
Sator - On the Way Down
Sator - Out of the Void
Sator - Pay to Play
Sator - Restless Again
Sator - Ride the Jackhammer
Sator - Ring Ring
Sator - Ring, Ring
Sator - Rise Again
Sator - S.T.S.
Sator - Sergeant
Sator - Shining
Sator - Sideshow Screwballs
Sator - Skyscraper
Sator - So Dressed Up
Sator - Someone Got Shot
Sator - TV-night
Sator - The Big Shakedown
Sator - The Ghost of My Control
Sator - Things You Don't
Sator - This Ain't the Way Home
Sator - This Side Of Nowhere
Sator - Tie Me Up
Sator - Time And Distance
Sator - Turn of the News
Sator - Turnpike
Sator - Two Of These Days
Sator - Under the Radar
Sator - Water on a Drowning Man
Sator - We're All Gonna Die!
Sator - We're Right You're Wrong
Sator - Welcome Back Home
Sator - World
Sator - You Ain't Nothing to Me
Sator - You Walk Alone
Sator - Youré Out Of My Hands