Songtexte und Übersetzungen von M.Y.M.P.:

M.Y.M.P. - A Little Bit
M.Y.M.P. - Ang Pag-Ibig Mo
M.Y.M.P. - At Your Best (You Are Love)
M.Y.M.P. - At Your Best (You Are Loved)
M.Y.M.P. - Awit Ng Saya
M.Y.M.P. - Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow
M.Y.M.P. - Baby Now That I Found You
M.Y.M.P. - Back Home
M.Y.M.P. - Bakit Ba Ganyan
M.Y.M.P. - Beauty and Madness
M.Y.M.P. - Break Out
M.Y.M.P. - Buses and Trains
M.Y.M.P. - Cherish
M.Y.M.P. - Constantly
M.Y.M.P. - Could Be Wrong
M.Y.M.P. - Crazy for You
M.Y.M.P. - Cruisin'
M.Y.M.P. - Dream Without You
M.Y.M.P. - Electrified
M.Y.M.P. - Especially for You
M.Y.M.P. - Eternal Flame
M.Y.M.P. - Every Breath You Take
M.Y.M.P. - Every Little Thing (He Does Is Magic)
M.Y.M.P. - Fast Car
M.Y.M.P. - For All of My Life
M.Y.M.P. - Forever Blue
M.Y.M.P. - Forever and a Day
M.Y.M.P. - Friend of Mine
M.Y.M.P. - Get Me
M.Y.M.P. - Ginoo, Walay Sukod (Praise Song)
M.Y.M.P. - Gravity
M.Y.M.P. - How Much I Love You
M.Y.M.P. - Human
M.Y.M.P. - I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me
M.Y.M.P. - If You Asked Me To
M.Y.M.P. - Inseparable
M.Y.M.P. - Jam (Set Your Spirits Free)
M.Y.M.P. - Just a Smile Away
M.Y.M.P. - Kailan
M.Y.M.P. - Last Chance
M.Y.M.P. - Love Moves (In Mysterious Ways)
M.Y.M.P. - Love Stood Still
M.Y.M.P. - Magical Feeling
M.Y.M.P. - Make It Easy
M.Y.M.P. - Miss You
M.Y.M.P. - Missing You
M.Y.M.P. - Nakapagtataka
M.Y.M.P. - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
M.Y.M.P. - Now
M.Y.M.P. - Only Reminds Me of You
M.Y.M.P. - Paalam Na
M.Y.M.P. - People Are People
M.Y.M.P. - Piano in the Dark
M.Y.M.P. - Power of Two
M.Y.M.P. - Rush
M.Y.M.P. - Rush Rush
M.Y.M.P. - Sa 'Yo Lamang
M.Y.M.P. - Sa Kanya
M.Y.M.P. - Sakay
M.Y.M.P. - Say You Love Me
M.Y.M.P. - Set You Free
M.Y.M.P. - So Perfect
M.Y.M.P. - Someday We'll Know
M.Y.M.P. - Superman
M.Y.M.P. - Sway
M.Y.M.P. - Talaga Naman
M.Y.M.P. - Tell Me
M.Y.M.P. - Tell Me Where It Hurts
M.Y.M.P. - The Closer I Get to You
M.Y.M.P. - These Dreams
M.Y.M.P. - Think of Laura
M.Y.M.P. - Tibok Ng Puso
M.Y.M.P. - Till They Take My Heart Away
M.Y.M.P. - Too Many Broken Hearts
M.Y.M.P. - Torpe Song #5
M.Y.M.P. - True Colors
M.Y.M.P. - Unwritten
M.Y.M.P. - Waiting in Vain
M.Y.M.P. - When She Cries
M.Y.M.P. - Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
M.Y.M.P. - Wish List
M.Y.M.P. - With You
M.Y.M.P. - Would You Be My Girlfriend
M.Y.M.P. - You're in Love