Songtexte und Übersetzungen von EELS:

EELS - $200 Tattoo
EELS - 02 When You Wish Upon a Star
EELS - 09 Where I'm From
EELS - 20 Where I'm Going
EELS - 23 Last Stop: This Town
EELS - 25 Can't Help Falling in Love
EELS - 27 Flyswatter
EELS - 3 Speed
EELS - A Daisy Through Concrete
EELS - A Good Deal
EELS - A Line in the Dirt
EELS - A Most Unpleasant Man
EELS - A Swallow in the Sun
EELS - Accident Prone
EELS - Agatha Chang
EELS - Agony
EELS - All in a Day's Work
EELS - All the Beautiful Things
EELS - Altar Boy
EELS - Animal
EELS - Answers
EELS - Ant Farm
EELS - Apple Trees
EELS - Baby Genius
EELS - Baby Loves Me
EELS - Bad News
EELS - Beautiful Freak
EELS - Beginner's Luck
EELS - Birdgirl on a Cell Phone
EELS - Blinking Lights
EELS - Blinking Lights (For Me)
EELS - Blinking Lights (For You)
EELS - Bombs Away
EELS - Bow Out
EELS - Bus Stop Boxer
EELS - Cancer for the Cure
EELS - Checkout Blues
EELS - Christmas Is Going to the Dogs
EELS - Climbing to the Moon
EELS - Daisies of the Galaxy
EELS - Dark End of the Street
EELS - Dead Reckoning
EELS - Dead of Winter
EELS - Dirty Girl
EELS - Dog Faced Boy
EELS - Dog's Life
EELS - Dust of Ages
EELS - Efils' God
EELS - Electro-Shock Blues
EELS - Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor
EELS - End Times
EELS - Estate Sale
EELS - Estranged Friends
EELS - Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas
EELS - Eyes Down
EELS - Fashion Awards
EELS - Flower
EELS - Flyswatter
EELS - For You
EELS - Fresh Blood
EELS - Fresh Feeling
EELS - Friendly Ghost
EELS - From Which I Came/A Magic Word
EELS - Fucker
EELS - Funeral Parlor
EELS - Gentlemen's Choice
EELS - Get Ur Freak On
EELS - Girl From the North Country
EELS - Going to Your Funeral, Part I
EELS - Gone Man
EELS - Good Morning Bright Eyes
EELS - Grace Kelly Blues
EELS - Guest List
EELS - Happy Hour (We're Gonna Rock)
EELS - Hey Man (Now, You're Really Living)
EELS - Hold on to Your Hat
EELS - Hospital Food
EELS - Hospital Food (BBC)
EELS - Hot and Cold
EELS - I Am Building a Shrine
EELS - I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
EELS - I Like Birds
EELS - I Like the Way This Is Going
EELS - I Need Some Sleep
EELS - I Need a Mother
EELS - I Put a Spell on You
EELS - I Want to Protect You
EELS - I Write the B-Sides
EELS - I'm Going to Stop Pretending I Didn't Break Your Heart
EELS - I'm a Hummingbird
EELS - If I Was Your Girlfriend
EELS - If You See Natalie
EELS - In My Dreams
EELS - In My Younger Days
EELS - In the Yard Behind the Church
EELS - It's a Motherfucker
EELS - I’m Going to Stop Pretending That I Didn’t Break Your Heart
EELS - I’m Your Brave Little Soldier
EELS - Jeannie's Diary
EELS - Jehovah’s Witness