Songtexte und Übersetzungen von ChthoniC:

ChthoniC - Across the Sea
ChthoniC - Banished Into Death
ChthoniC - Between Silence and Death
ChthoniC - Bloody Gaia Fulfilled
ChthoniC - Bloody Gaya Fulfilled
ChthoniC - Bloody Waves of Sorrow
ChthoniC - Blooming Blades
ChthoniC - Broken Jade
ChthoniC - Decomposition of the Mother Isle (Aboriginal Gods Enthroned)
ChthoniC - Deep Rising (Across the Sea 2)
ChthoniC - Defenders of Bú-tik Palace
ChthoniC - Exultant Suicide
ChthoniC - Floated Unconsciously in the Acheron
ChthoniC - Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains
ChthoniC - Grab the Soul to Hell/Relentless Recurrence
ChthoniC - Grievance, Acheron Poem
ChthoniC - Guard the Isle Eternally
ChthoniC - Hearts Condemmed
ChthoniC - Indigenous Laceration
ChthoniC - Invasion
ChthoniC - KAORU
ChthoniC - Legacy of the Seediq
ChthoniC - Next Republic
ChthoniC - Obituary Tuning
ChthoniC - Oceanquake
ChthoniC - Onset of Tragedy
ChthoniC - Progeny of Rmdax Tasing
ChthoniC - Quasi Putrefaction
ChthoniC - Quell the Souls in Sing Ling Temple
ChthoniC - Rage of My Sword
ChthoniC - Relentless Recurrence
ChthoniC - Resurrection Pyre
ChthoniC - Revert to Mortal Territory
ChthoniC - Rise of the Shadows
ChthoniC - Root Regeneration
ChthoniC - Sail Into the Sunset's Fire
ChthoniC - Set Fire to the Island
ChthoniC - Sing-Ling Temple
ChthoniC - Slaughter in Tri-Territory
ChthoniC - Southern Cross
ChthoniC - Spell of Setting Sun: Mirror of Retribution
ChthoniC - Summon of China
ChthoniC - Supreme Pain for the Tyrant
ChthoniC - Takao
ChthoniC - The Aroused
ChthoniC - The Gods Weep
ChthoniC - Unlimited Taiwan
ChthoniC - Vengeance Arise
ChthoniC - Venom in My Veins
ChthoniC - Where the Utux Ancestors Wait